Discreetly get police to your exact location without ever touching your phone
SecretlySafe is an app that uses voice recognition, a 24/7 dispatch center, and your phone's GPS allowing you to get immediate help in an emergency by just saying 4 words.
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You can focus on staying safe, we'll take care of the rest

Dispatcher Icon

Always there for you

Our operators will stay with you from beginning to end, coordinating between you and the police until they arrive.

Location Icon

We won't leave your side

While an alert is active, our operators will receive automatic location updates to make sure police know exactly where to find you.

Voice Recognition Icon

It can be our little secret

With the ability to customize your phrase, you can trigger an alert without anyone around you knowing it.

Privacy Icon

Never lose your privacy

All voice recognition is done directly on your device. No conversation is ever sent to a server or saved in any way. Ever.

Live Video/Audio Streaming

We'll be your eyes and ears

Automatically stream live video/audio to our operators. They will let emergency services know exactly what is happening, ensuring they will be prepared to help you when they arrive.

Emergency Contacts Location Updates

Keep your loved ones updated

Notify the people closest to you that you're in trouble. Automatically have a link texted to them when an alert is activated, providing live location updates. No app download required. When an alert gets canceled, they'll be the first to know!

Panic Button

When you can't talk

For those situations where you can't talk, the listening switch doubles as a panic button. Simply press your finger down for 5 seconds to instantly trigger an alert.

Running In Background

Use your phone normally

Run SecretlySafe in the background for hours without significantly affecting your battery. It will continue working even while you are listening to music through your headphones.

Canceling Response

Easily cancel a false alarm

Our operators will contact you when an alert is triggered. Simply provide your 4 digit pin and we will let the police know to cancel their response.

Safety without sacrificing privacy

  • You have complete control over what information you provide.
  • You can add a personalized message you want relayed to the police.